We hope that you can provide us some of your materials and knowledge. We will be happy to include your articles, materials, photos or any other information and knowledge contribution that you can make to this site. For this purpose, we include here basic contribution guidelines for authors so that we can respect the work you agree to share on this site. These guidelines are provided as suggestions to improve ease of reading for our visitors.

Article Guidelines:


  1. A good article normally contains basic elements such as: visual appeal (ie. a nice photo), intellectual content (ie. an interesting idea) and emotional content (ie. a human story)  
  2. Keep an easy structure to follow: Stories have a beginning, a core part and an ending.
  3. Make a nice opening paragraph; try to make sure the most interesting part is in the opening paragraph. Opening paragraph should not be more than 150 characters - as we include a 'read more' break at that point. Always include a photo in the opening paragraph. This will make your article stand out better.
  4. The photo should be of no more than 1500 pixels width and less that 350 kb in file size - png or jpeg.
  5. Telling the story: Keep it short and to the point. Your article should ideally respond to the 5 Ws (What, Why, Who, Where, When) and H (How). You can for example decide to look at a fact, its causes and consequences: focus on the action and the impact of the action.
  6. A closing paragraph: It is good to write this one even before you write the story. This is the point you want to make - a synthesis of the article. Keep it short and clear.
  7. Include your contact details or service provider details.
  8. Visibility Issues: Provide clear indication of supporting organisation. Include logos if there are any (png / jpeg / 500 pixels wide maximum)
  9. Materials: We are happy to receive high resolution visuals and files that we can add to our library if you wish to make your material available for download.
  10. Visuals for articles and photo galleries need only be 1500 pixels wide, jpg, or png format.
  11. If your materials are already online, you may also send us the link to the materials (ie. documents, videos) 
  12. Note that the content provided will be reviewed for approval, based on content appropriateness and relevance to this site. We can not guarantee that your contribution will be posted if it fails to fulfill some of the basic criteria


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